Uchithanai Mugarnthal released on Dec 16

By Raghavi 08.12.2011 12:32

Uchithanai Mugarnthaal, a realistic film directed by Pugazhendi Thangaraj, who did off-beat films like Kattrukenna Veli on the basis of Eelam war backdrop is scheduling to release on December 16 all over the world.
Thangaraj through Uchithanai Mugarndhal tells the story of a 13 year old rape victim during the Sri Lankan ethnic war of 2009. The teenager Neenika plays the pivotal role with Sathyaraj and Sangeetha portraying the couple who provide her shelter.
Pugazhendhi Thangaraj in an interview said : “The film highlights the atrocities meted out to a child during the Eelam war. The film wants to convey that such things should not happen to any other child in the world.”
D Imman has provided music for the film. Nasser, Seeman and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan form the rest of the cast.
The film is said to have received many cuts by the censors and has been cleared with an UA certificate