Program Day 3: 10th Norway Tamil Film Festival at Kulturhuset Veitvet 27.04.2019

We are happy to inform that this years international films have a long list. Out of which we will select 15 films for screening at the festival. The participants must send the full film.  We are sorry to say that applicants for feature films  who have not sent a trailer  will not be considered for the selection.
The results of the final selection will be announced shortly. There are rules for the selection and entry fees is needed for the process. Some exceptions could be made but only in extream situation. Some films are not selected because of this reason.
We hope you understand our policy. One should remember selection is time consuming and awards also cost the festival. Please continue to send your entries in the coming years.
Thank you for your participation
NTFF 2019 – Tamilar Awards Winners – International Category

Best Shor filmTittel: Are you Volleyball?!
Salar / Mohamed Bakshi
Artist: Naeim Sheikh Mahbon Land: Iran
Duration: 15 min (15:00)

Best Actor: Tittel: Forest Man Direktør: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh
Artist: Jennifer Preston Land: United Kingdom
Duration: 3 min (03:04 min)

Best Feature Documentary:Tittel: Beloved Direktør: Yaser Talebi
Tittel: Be loved ArtistLand: Iran Varighet (Duration): 1 time (53:55 min)

Best Cinemathography: Tittel: Dance of Life Direktør: Peyman Zandi
Tittel: Dance of Life Artist: Land: Iran
Varighet (Duration): 72 minutter (1 time og 12 min)
Tilleggsinformasjon: Dokomentar

Best documentary: Travel to Iran Land

NTFF 2019 Screening:

Tittel: Utopia Direktør: Mahdi Ghorbari
Artist: Behnaz Mohammed Hoseyni
Land: Iran Duration: 16 Min Drama/Mysterie