NTFF 2018: The Winners of Feature film Tamil Eelam | Diaspora Short film – Documentaries – Music Video

NTFF 2018 Press Release 3
Norway Tamil Film Festival -Tamilar Awards 2018. [26th-29th April]

Monday, 05th March 2018, Oslo.

NTFF Juries, Festival Director Mr. Vaseeharan Sivalingam and NTFF Jury Chief Mrs.Gloriana Selvanathan(from Berlin, Germany) announced the WINNERS of Tamilar Awards 2018 for feature films Tamil Eelam | Diaspora, Short, Documentaries, Music Video and categories  at the Stovner, Oslo City in Norway.

With great pleasure, again we are proud to announce that the entries for the festival had widened the circle with their feature films, short films, documentaries and music videos, which are decorating this year. Thank you for your wonderful contributions. You make it difficult to take a decision by running neck to neck. Apart from that, we received 6 feature films, documentaries and 6 music videos among which we selected the nominations.

New approaches, new ideas new producers and new faces sparcle this year. The international section has doubled its entries because more and more people from the international film world are keen to participate in the festival.

We thank all the participants for their contributions as the success of the festival is mainly of your willing participation.

Regarding the Midnight Sun singer – 3 award we have altered the rules by not restricting to Norway talented people but to any Tamil talented person who has done remarkable performances both in all type of music recognised by renound music directors. We congratulate all the winners. Hope to see you at the festival

Let us hope that the festival itself will give greater satisfaction to you all.

NTFF 2018 – List of Awardees – Tamilar Viruthu Tamil Eelam | Diaspora

Best Tamil Film (Midnight Sun) – Diaspora
Director: Arangkannal Raj

Best Director Tamil – Diaspora
Karthick Shamalan
Film: Suhamaai SubbuLaxmi

Best Actor Male Tamil – Diaspora
Mathi Sutha
Film: Ummandi
Tamil Eelam – Sri Lanka

Best Actor  Feamale Tamil – Diaspora
Punitha Shanmugam
Film: Suhamaai SubbuLaxmi

Midnight Sun Singer Award 
TeeJay aka Tejeenthan Arunachalam
Song: Teankudika
United Kingdom

NTFF 2018– List of Awardees – Tamil Short |Documentary | Music Video|

Best Short Film Award – Tamil
Thiruvin Mangai
Director : Viknish Lokarag Asokan

Best Short Film Director – Tamil 
Mathankumaran Madawan
Film: Mudhal Padayal

Best Short Film Actor Male – Tamil 
Ram Indran
Film: Ivan Ravanan

Best Short Film Actor Female – Tamil 
Sai Dhansika
Film: Sinam
Tamil Nadu

Best Supporting Actor male – Tamil
Thampoo Thevarajah
Film: Uravuchchirai

Best Screenplay Award– Tamil 
Andrew Neet
Short Film – Heal
Tamil Nadu – India

Best Short Film Cinemathographer – Tamil
TS Prasanna
Film: AUN
Tamil Nadu – India

NTFF Special Jury Award – Tamil 
Dinakaran Ramesh
Short Film: Mudhal Padayal

Best Documentary Award
Director MS Raj
Film: Marina Purachi
Tamil Nadu – India

Best Music Video Award 
Director Nervini Dery Ravishankar
Music Video: Paavam

If you are one of the Tamilar Awards Winner  and would like to participate in Award Night please write email to Festival Director Mr.Vaseeharan  tamilfilmfestivalatgmail.com for more information about Visa and Travel Procedures to Norway.

It is necessary and important that the Award winners should personally come to receive the Award.