We are so grateful for all of your support

I am so very proud of the Norway Tamil Film Festival of 2011. After the great success of last year, this year we were out to impress you all even more, and I know we succeeded. Although it is only the second time this event has been held, it has already been compared to worldwide film events.
This year VN Music dreams brought you this exciting event in association with Abiramy Cash & Carry Adchayaa Media Entertaiment, Vijay Shop, LankaSri, Loresnkog Kommune, Priya Beauty Care & Decoration, Adchaya Media, & Utrop NO, Aingharan TV, Tamil Murasam, Bollywood Fest, Deepam TV, Beno Restaurant, Tharansia, Sagana Jewellery, Saranha Jewellers, Spicy Hut, Chennai Tandoori, Taste Home, Vivi Travels, Inter Call Net, & Golden Cherry.
The Tamil Film industry is an ever evolving work of art, which is followed avidly by the public all over the world. The films themselves, are also not limited to just being made in Tamil Nadu, and are now made in Europe, Northern America and even Australia. Tamil films serve as a method of bringing together all the Tamils who have moved away from their homelands and now live in various corners of the world
The purpose of this festival is to bring Tamil films to the limelight, to make the world take a step back and notice. To allow even foreigners to be aware of the quality of the films being produced, and enjoy the films just like the rest of us already do. We are all so proud of the way in which the industry has grown over the years. Like the industry, our festival has grown and this year we were excited to be showing 17 films in two different venues over six days with more guests and jam packed with even more programmes with dance and music and lively debate which kept you all entertained.
We are fortunate to have had 11 famous guests who have travelled all the way from India, gracing us with their presence. We had 7 Tamil film directors, 2 Tamil film producers and 2 Tamil film actors. Of the film Directors, we had Director Cheran, who is well known in our industry and most well known for his film Autograph, Director Vetrimaran who began with Polladhavan, and recently brought us Aadukalam, Director Radha Mohan who is best known for his films Mozhi and Abiyum Naanum, Director Prabu Soloman, who first brought us Kannodu Kanpathellaam and recently brought us Mynaa, Director Seenu Ramasamy, who started with Koodal Nagar, and is now working on Then Merku Paravu Katru, Director Santhosh who brought us Ellalan and Director Prasanna who brought us En Swaasam.
Of the Tamil film Producers, we had Uthaman Rajesh, the producer of the film Tha and Nazir, producer of the film Kalavaani. We also had Uthaman Harish in our presence who made his debut appearance as hero of the film Tha. We also had the actor Jayabalan, who travelled from Norway to join the Tamil film industry in India and recently acted in the film Aadukalam.
Our Awards ceremony was a great success last year, and this year we superseded expectations. This year we presented the Tamilar awards. We had awards in 22 categories including best film, best newcomer, best stunt and of course the Midnight Sun award. 13 feature films and 2 special catergory films were nominated for these awards. Each film is different from the other, with a variety of themes, such as culture, patriotism, friendship, romance and family values. They show all aspects of our lives, from adult to children, from the rich palaces to the slums. Each one is an achievement.
The films that were nominated included the science fiction film Enthiran, the heart wrenching Angadi Theru, the sentimental Vinaithandi Varuvaayaa, the village based Kalavaani, the intriguing Aadukalam, the history based Madrasapattinam, the comedy Boss Engira Baskaran, the dramatic romance Mynaa, the crime thriller Yudham Sei, the thrilling Payanam, the startling Tha and the character building Then Merku Paravakaatru. The two special catergory films were Ellalan and Sengadal. The awards were carefully chosen by our very Norway Tamil Film Festival Jury. The Midnight Sun Award, was the People’s Choice award and was voted for by those who attended the festival.
We also developed a new segment to our festival, dedicated to encouraging tamil short films. 18 short films made by upcoming directors across the world were nominated and Director Cheran, carefully chose 10 of these for our festival. These films represented upcoming directors from France, India and Australia. There were five separate Tamilar Awards for this and one special jury award for Naangal.
We also showed 8 short films, provided by LIFT Eela Tamil Thiraipada Sanga, and their efforts were commended by Director Cheran.
In addition to the films we also had dance and music, and also a special event – Iyakunar Ner Muga Neram, where our guest directors submitted questions to each other and narrated their life experiences.
After such a big event, we have so many people to thank for helping to make this festival such a success. Firstly, we thank our special guests who found time in their busy schedules to join and interact with us here in Norway. We also thank the Norwegian Embassy, New Dehli, Artist manger John and VS Udayaa, who helped coordinate this. We thank the Mayor, who helped start this fantastic event. Our event would have been nothing without the sponsors who have helped us, mentioned above. Finally, last but not least, we thank all of those who came and joined in with the festival. We are so grateful for all of your support. This is the second Norway Tamil Film Festival, and I’m sure we will be seeing many many more.
Vaseeharan Sivalingam
Festival Director
Norway Tamil Film Festival