Review on Samuthirakani’s Porali

By Raghavi 06.12.2011 15:53

The hero of the movie is carved out of Aristotle’s ‘Man is the social Animal’ theory that it is circumstances which makes a person (hero) a warrior (Poraali)! That is the message the director and the hero want to convey the society through Porali and the same is delivering well.
May the film has some hiccups in the second half, but the great first half made the viewers to watch the movie with great zeal. Particularly the witty dialogues and Sasikumar’s performance are the highlights of the movie.

Ilamkumaran (Sasikumar) and Nallavan (Allari Naresh) escapes from a mental asylum on a rainy night and come to Chennai. They stay with Pulikutty (Ganja Karuppu) in a colony with some interesting people around. They get a job in a petrol pump but soon due to their earnestness and goodness, start a new venture which slowly picks up.

Meanwhile, a group of people are in search of the duo and what is their ‘bloodshed’ past is told later.
Sasikumar plays Kumaran with a subtly simmering charm and he carries the show to the winning post with some sparky dialogues. Allari Naresh is in fine form and he scores in the scenes which demand a lot from him. Swati passes muster but it is new girl Nivetha as Mari and Vasundhara as Tamilchelvi who scores.

One of the major drawbacks of the film is that Sundar C Babu’s music.
Apart from few flaws, Poraali has its heart in the right place, and Sasikumar’s breathtaking efforts and Samuthirakkani’s hard work make it to watch!