NTFF is once again studded with excellent international films

NTFF is once again studded with excellent international  films

For the second year international film entries poured in. The enthusiasm shown by them shows how popular NTFF has become not only in the world of tamils but also in foreign languages. Each nomination is worth watcing by the audience,but the winners is a must. It takes you to a different dimension altogether. This chance you will have at the festival itself. We thank all the people who sent their entries for the foreign language section.

Here are the results of the nominees and the winners.

NTFF 2017 Best Film:                   Mazar.e Sharif     Iran

NTFF 2017 Best Child artist:         Saba Mahdavi Rana | Iran

NTFF 2017 Best Story:                 Coldness | Iran

NTFF 2017 Best Direction:           House for Mermaids | Estonia/Russia

NTFF 2017 Best Cinemotegraphy: Occasus  | Germany

NTFF 2017 Best Actor:                 RODJA MARTIN TRÖSCHER | Reborn

NTFF 2017 Best Innovative Film:  East | Germany

NTFF 2017 Best Short Film:         Selene | Italy/USA

For four days in April, creatives of all stripes gather for the acclaimed NTFF Film Program to celebrate raw innovation and emerging talent both behind and in front of the camera.
Now in its 8th year, the 2017 Film Festival will host four days of screenings from April 27-30, 2017.

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF001 | Houra                            Iran

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF002 | Occasus                        Germany

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF003 | Mashar-e- Sherief          Iran

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF004 | Reborn                          Germany

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF005 | Selena                           Italy/ USA

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF006 | Rana                              Iran

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF007 | House for mermaids      Estonia /Russia

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF008 | Coldness                       Iran

NTFF 2017 International Films  IFF009 | East                               Germany


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