NTFF 2020:The winners and nominees of Tamilar Awards for excellent international films

NTFF 2020 is once again studded with excellent international  films

For the Fifth year international film entries poured in. The enthusiasm shown by them shows how popular NTFF has become not only in the world of tamils but also in foreign languages. Each nomination is worth watcing by the audience,but the winners is a must. It takes you to a different dimension altogether. This chance you will have at the festival itself. We thank all the people who sent their entries for the foreign language section.

Especially films from USA, Italy, France, Iran, Ukraine, Great Britain, Turkey and many other foreign language films took part in the race. We welcome them with open heart for their belief in our fair judgement.

NTFF 2020 International Feature|short |Documentary Film: The Winners :8

NTFF 2020 Best Short film Cinemotegraphy: Sam Soleimani| I Killed a person|
NTFF 2020 Best Short Film: I Killed a person| Nima Aghakhani |Iran
NTFF 2020 Best Short Film Female Actor: Roya Teimoorian |Changing Room| Iran
NTFF 2020 Best Short Screenplay: Zita Hanrot |Speechless | France
NTFF 2020 Best Feature Film: Tevye’s Daughers | Vova Lert | Ukraine
NTFF 2020 Best Feature Film Actor Male: Fred Adonis| Lone Wolves| Spain
NTFF 2020 Best Feature Film Actor Female:  Thalia Thiesfeild |Inez&Doug&Kira |USA
NTFF 2020 Best Documentary:   Keenie Meenie |Phil Miller | London, UK

NTFF 2020 International Feature|short Film| Documentary: Official Selections|Nominee
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF001 |Keenie Meenie   |London 38′ Documentary
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF002 |I Killed a Person |Iran  28′ – Short
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF003 |Difference -Ali Asadollahi  |Iran 14′ – Short
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF004 |Tevye’s Daughters |Ukraine – Feature
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF005 |Crusher -Arshia Zenali |France 10’-Short
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF006 |Galena |Iran – Short
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF007 |My Kingdom |France – Short
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF008 |Speechless  – Zita Hanrot|France 14’ – Short
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF009 |Ojak  – Arman Goharinasab |Turkey 72’ Documentary
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF010 |Lone Wolves (18år) -Serfi Arnau |Spain 80′
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF011 |Inez & Doug & Kira – Julia Kots|USA 97′
NTFF 2020 International Films  IFF012 |Changing Room -Atefeh Rahmani|Iran

We congratulate not only the winners but also the participants in the competition this year. We really had quite a tough time in selecting the winners.we hope to see you all at the festival.

If you are one of the Tamilar Awards Winner  and would like to participate in Award Night please write email to Festival Director Mr.Vaseeharan  tamilfilmfestival@gmail.com for more information about Visa and Travel Procedures to Norway.

It is necessary and important that the Award winners should personally come to receive the Award!