NTFF 2017 GENERAL RULES: Instructions for all submissions

Last Date of Submission: 01st of March 2017
From this year onwards there is a new condition to receive the awards.Awards are given with the expectation of the awardees honour the award and attened the award ceremoney.
The awards will be given only on stage and if the awardees donot attend the ceremoney we will send only the certificates to the winners and not the symbolic awards with inscription.

Entry fee for Feature /Full Length Film – 100 € (Euros)
Entry fee for Short Film, Music Videos, Animation and Documentary – 50 € (Euros)

Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos and Animations: We also welcome the Short films, Documentaries; Music videos, Animations across the globe, kindly send us your videos to Norway Tamil film festival committee NTFF 2016, Vaseeharan Sivalingam, Tante Ulrikkes vei 11. 0984 Oslo 9, Norway. before March 01st 2017 ,we will honor following best awards ,
Best Short film| Best Actor |Best Director |Best Story |Best Cinematographer
|Best Music Video |Best Documentary |Best Animation
For our 8th year, we want to discover something new. Come see what we’ve for you during the month of April 2017
For Any Further Questions about Norway Tamil Film Festival I Director Vaseeharan Shivalingam can be reached at 0047-91370728, email: tamilfilmfestival@gmail.com , website: www.ntff.no
GENERAL RULES: Instructions for Tamil and other language films/short film submission:
01. The film’s subject matter, the production itself or the film’s director should have a strong connection to the films
02. Screenings format is DCP. We also accept films delivered as files (sharing on Google Drive or Blu-ray quality)
03. The film should be finalised during the last year (2016 for all kind of tamil films and 2015/2016 for all kind of other language category!).
04. Screening copies must have English subtitles, unless they are in English.
05. Selections will be made by the festival’s administration.
06. Decisions of refusal will not be commented. Preview copies will not be returned.
07. Films can be shown in or out of competition.
08. Eligible for the NTFF Shorts competition is up to a maximum length of 30 minutes (including credits).
09. For NTFF documentary(90 minutes), Music Video(5minutes) and animation film(60 minutes)
10. For NTFF  International Categories(150 minutes) Only films produced in the year 2015 or 2016 are eligible for the competition. (From year 2016)

Rules and Regulations: Music Video:
Norway Tamil Film Festival (NTFF) and VN Music Dreams give you a unique opportunity to showcase your talent and win Tamilar Award for best music video of the year. All you have to do is make your own video with your own songs. Having a passion for filmmaking? Then you are at the right space!
Shoot your own video for these songs as a compiled video and send mail to tamilfilmfestival@gmail.com or you can upload the video in YouTube and mail the link to us. Anyone and everyone can participate.
Contest Date:
All submissions should be made from the 15th of December 2016 to the 01st of March 2017.
Any submission beyond the closing date will not be accepted whatever.
• Videos should be original!
• No shades of imitation from any copyrighted content should be seen.
• Faces of celebrities are prohibited
• The NTFF jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
• Video files should be mailed or shared to tamilfilmfestival@gmail.com or you can upload the video in dropbox or YouTube and mail the link to us
1. Submissions are done online from our web site/download the submission form for ntff 2017.
2. Submission deadline is March 01, 2017 for Shorts, Documentaries, Music Videos and Animations.
3. Preview copies (DVD or digital file) must be sent to us by March 01, 2017.
4. If the short film is not complete, a temporary version can be sent upon agreement with the festival.