NTFF 2016: Official selection of Feature Films International Categories for screening and competition

Since last year NTFF Committee receives a very good response and request from various country film makers (Foreign language)to be one of the nominees for Tamilar Awards. Our Jury Head Mrs.Gloriyana Selvanathan granted permission to open a new category named as “NTFF World Cinema -Other Language Award”. This year we received very good response from 7 Countries and we finally selected 9 Nominees, We wish all success to this year nominees.
Norway Tamil Film festival  2016- Foreign Language  films of official selection and nominations 
1.Tragedy –Drama – Iran 2014 -95.Min.
Living with a wife twenty years younger than him and two children in their twenties, a man gets into deep trouble after injuring his hand and then causing an accident. The jobless man begins witnessing that his wife is trying hard to earn some money, his son is entering underground jobs and hid daughter is waiting for a suitor disappointedly due to their poorness. The man thinks of an eccentric plan to get some money for his family.
2. Flow- An inner Action film-Spain 2014 -93 Min.
Actor Walter Mann is about is about to fulfill his dream to star in his own play. Bordering on that moment something unexpected will blow up all he has or is about to achieve.Flow tells us a story of a man who suffers an interior fight .
3. Homesick – Drama- Norway -2014-102 Min
Anne Sewitsky´s drama about a person seeking a family and breaking every rule to be one. Selected for Sundance film festival
4. Holidays In the Sun – Serbia – Drama -2014 -89 Min.
A group of tourist from different parts of ex-Yugoslavia arrives at the Adriatic time share resort. Miladen a ruthless sales agent will do his best to persuade them to buy a property.
5. Cruel -Thriller –France- 2014 -108 Min
Pierre is a part time worker living in an old house with his sick father. No one is aware of his existence. Pierre is a serial killer and his victims are ordinary people with ordinary lives.
6 Tomorrow – Thriller –Iran – 2014 86 Min
Along with her mother a girl embarks on a journey in order to take beautiful landscape photos. On their way their car breaks down and they are obliged to wait for her father for assistance. Feeling helpless due to his condition of living and combating a serious illness taking shelter in the nature, a doctor is acquainted with them as well as a woodman. Then all of them are confronted by two young men trying to find a way of illegal exit from the country.
7. Foreign Body – Drama-Poland – 2014 -117 MinA dashing young Italian in Poland finds himself caught between two women a motivated nun and a ruthless corporate ladder climber in this provocative vision of contemporary Poland from master film- maker.
8.Happy . Drama –france -2014-97 Min
Florent 23 is an upper class Parisian. He meets Alissia 23 a lost American in Paris .He is bored in the society he feels fossilized and dreams of America. She means to differentiate herself from unremarkable origins far from the artistic and adventurous life she intends to lead and Dreams of France, her deceased mother´s unfulfilled dreams .Both are at a crucial cross roads of their lives.
9.Man In the orange Jacket- horror/Thriller -80 min.
Due to a stick 200 people lose their jobs. One man takes the revenge in his hand and takes over the house of his boss in a horrible way. But some strange noises and people he sees which makes him crazy but an unexpected thing happens.