Norway Tamil Film Festival Committee 2015 – Press Release 1

Saturday, 10th January, 2015,Oslo.
Movies are magic! Everyone has a favorite film, actor, quote and genre. They have helped define our culture, attitudes, style and fashion. Every year we movie-lovers anticipate what stories we will be touched by and what that next favorite cinematic experience will be.
We would like to thank all our followers and Chief Guest you all made our film festival a grand success for past 5 years. The preparation for the 6th film festival is already in progress. Rules and Regulations for submission of Full length and Short films are modified by NTFF 2015 Board members during December 2014 at Oslo.
As a non-profit organization, NTFF put on the efforts and enthusiasm of many people to bring our festival to fruition. We would like to extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who helps to make this wonderful event possible to our enthusiastic audiences who are growing in numbers every year. From this year we plan to collect the minimum entry fee to all full length and short films refer the cost below.
Entry fee for Feature /Full Length Film – 50 € (Euros)
Entry fee for Short Film, Music Videos, Animation and Documentary – 25 € (Euros)

To know more details about rules and regulation and other details please feel free to write email to our festival director Mr.Vaseeharan Shivalingam –
Why we Collect Funds from this year & What are the benefits ?
Since last year we haven’t collected any funds, entire cost for running up the film festival was taken care by our festival director Mr. Vaseeharan. But from this year board members decided to collect minimum funds from the competitors in order to get a little contribution.
NTFF a Gateway to Tamil Film Industry for Young Tamil Round the globe!!