Nomineted Movies for Tamilar Awards -2011

Movie nr 1: Angaadi Theru
Direction: Vasantha Balan
Star-casts: Magesh, Anjali, A. Venkatesh and others
Music: Vijay Anthony and G.V. Prakash
09.04.2011 15:40
It is a raw, hard hitting realistic film that pulls at your heart strings. The film is also an expose on the inhuman conditions young people have to undergo to make a living in Chennai’s urban jungle.The film is set in Chennai’s main market place for the middle class masses- Ranganathan Street in T.Nagar where the most popular textile showrooms in south India.
The day-to-day problems of these salespersons, their humiliations and need to resist such cruelties of their bosses have been distinctly presented.Mahesh, along with hundreds of others are employed at the Senthil Murugan Stores run by the big Annachi. In every floor in the textile showroom there are 50 to 60 sales boys and girls who have to work in pitiable conditions from early in the morning to late night, without any rest.
It’s a “Jail like” atmosphere in the shop where employees are treated more like slaves.He meets Kani (Anjali) a fiery independent girl. The difficult and harrowing times in the store bring them together as they face up to a cruel and lewd store supervisor Karungali (director A Venkatesh in a stunning cameo), who beats up the boys and molests the girls when they play around during duty hours. This film is not only about entertainment but a comment on the working conditions under which an individual toils for a lively life ahead.
Movie nr 2: Kalavani: |Starring: Vimal, Oviya, Saranya Ponvannan, Ganja Karuppu.|Direction: Sargunam |Music: S S Kumaran
|Production: Sherali Film
What’s so different about Kalavani is that the movie is so light hearted and the cheerfulness is infectious. Its a comedy drama that revolves around a couple from two different villages falling in love in spite of the villagers being hostile to each other.
Arikki (Vimal), a freewheeling rural youth has the habit of getting into fun-filled acts that includes proposing to each and every girl he comes across. His father (Ilavarasu) employed in Dubai keeps transferring money for his family, which is misused by him. In fact, he threatens his mom (Saranya) and his sister about breaking the TV if he isn’t provided with the money.
Fearing that they may miss mega-serials, his needs are granted. Everything goes well until he comes across a belle Maheshwari (Oviya) and falls in love with her. As they profess their love for each other, Arikki learns that she’s the youngster sister of Ilango (Thiru Murugan) with whom he and his friends had locked horns before. What unfold next is a series of hilarious moments with a few emotional encounters and a laugh-riot of a climax.
Movie nr 3: Mynaa |Production: Shalom Studios, Red Giant Movies and AGS Entertainment |Direction: Prabhu Solomon |Star-casts: Viddarth, Anaka and others |Music: D. Imman
The story set in a remote village Kurangadi, somewhere near Theni on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. Suruli (Vidharth) grows up as a lovable vagabond, whose father is a bully and good for nothing guy. Having lost his mother in childhood, he grows up without a care, but is drawn to a poor girl Mynaa (Amla Paul) and virtually brings her up with the help of her mother.
Set in backdrops of a hilly village near Theni, the film revolves Suruli (Viddarth) and Myna (Anaka), intimate lovers from their childhood days. He helps her family in the desolated situation and even her mother affectionately addresses him ‘son-in-law’. But as the years pass by, mother decides to get daughter Myna married to another person that deeply turns Suruli more aversive.
He is even jailed for his cruel gesture upon her mother and manages to escape on the same night. Sooner, the jail superintendent (Sethu) and police constable (Thambi Ramaiah) are on the pursuit of Suruli, who has escaped. Soon after handcuffing him, Mynaa too travels along with Suruli as they decide to get married after his prison term of 15 days.
What unfolds next is a drama of journey with unexpected twists and turns.
Prabhu Solomon directed Mynaa- Journey of love is a dark and disturbing love story tale with a hard hitting climax.Other movies will be updated very shortly….
Moive nr 4: Vinnaithandi Varuvayaa -Love story Romance |Director:Gautham Menon |Producer: Madan, Elred, Jayaraman |Music Director: A R Rahman
Vinnaithandi Varuvaya is really a pure magic and works a lot with the viewers who easily identify their own flashback or current memories while watching the lead pair. Karthik (Simbu), a Tamil Hindu mechanical engineer with the dreams of making films, meets Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian girl, who is an IT professional.
And yes.. it is love at first..sight! She lives on the top floor with her strict father (Babu Antony), mother and an aggressive brother, while Karthik and his family have rented out the lower portion of their house. Karthik’s passionate wooing melts Jessy, who finally succumbs to his ardent love. But her family and religion stands in the way of true love. Whats happening for their love is explained in a different way in the climax.
Movie nr 5: Enthiran: sci-fic
|Cast : Aishwarya Rai, Rajnikanth, Danny Denzongpa |Direction : ShankarProduction Kalanidhi Maran |Music Director : A.R Rahman
Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is a computer scientist, he creates a Robot and names him Chitty (Rajinikanth) and teaches every single thing that this universe can hold. And his dream is to make it available for the Indian army.
Sana (Aishwarya Rai) is a medical student who is in love with Vasee who is too immersed in his work. Vasee’s mentor and Professor Bohra (Danny Denzongappa), feels jealous of his invention and wants to use Chitty for evil things.
Meanwhile Vaseegaran inducts artificial intelligence into Chitty, to make him more human, but it spells disaster. Chitty falls in love with Sana and starts rebelling against Vasee and treats him like his competitor and enemy. But things go awry as Chitty turns into a Frankenstein, kidnaps Sana, kills Bohra and declares war on Vaseegaran. The Robot -Chitti who acquires artificial intelligence and keeps the audiences glued to their seats.
Director Shankar makes sure audiences never get their attention turned out at any point of time. Right from the film’s title to the climax, you will keep enjoying every frame
Movie nr 6: Madrasipattinam: Historical drama
|Cast: Arya, Amy Jackson, Nasser, VMC.Haneefa, Bala Singh, M. S. Bhaskar, Omar, Periya Karuppu Devar, Balaji |Direction: A L Vijay Production: Kalapathi S. Aghoram Music: G V Prakash Kumar
The main story is focussed on the pair’s love. The story starts with a funeral where an old British lady is seen sad and later she is found to have some clot on the brain. She wishes to go to India to complete her uncompleted works.
The contemporary Chennai evokes periodic flashbacks in her memory and that’s how we meet a dhobi and wrestler Ilamparidhi, also called Paridhi (Arya), who lived in the pre-Independence period of India.
Paridhi, from the dhobi (washerman) community, lives in Washermanpet area, and washes the clothes of the British people. Amy’s meeting with Paridhi coincides with his community’s fight against the government’s decision to build a Golf ground in the colony of dhobis.
They love each other and her father comes to know about their love and orders his men to kill paridhi secretly and sends Emy to Delhi. But Emy escapes from the train and comes to madras in search of paridhi. Whether they succeed in love or not, should be seen on screen.
Movie nr 7:Boss Engira Baskaran
Production: K. Srinivasan, Udhayanidhi Stalin, AaryaDirection: RajeshStar-casts: Aarya, Nayanthara, Santhanam, ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran, Chitra Lakshmanan, Subbu Panchu and othersMusic:Yuvan Shankar RajaBaskaran aka Boss ( Arya) is an unemployed youth without a care in the world whose elder brother Saravanan ( Subbu) is a vet still unmarried at 45.
The doting family consisting or amma and a sister are completed when a bride enters the home as Saravanan falls in love. In the meanwhile Boss finds that the girl he has fallen for, Chandrika ( Nayan) is the sister of his new anni. Nallathambi ( Santhanam) is his one and only best friend who runs a hair saloon and helps the hero in everything from passing arrears to wooing his girl.
This happy state of affairs continues till the day Boss asks for Chandrika’s hand in marriage, a move strongly opposed by her father (Chitra Laxman) and also the anni since the hero is unemployed and has not even a college degree. What brings about a change in him and what he does to win his girl in marriage forms the last half of the film
The art work and the locations are well chosen adding to the realistic appeal of this film set in Kumbakonam.
Movie nr 8: Yudham Sei: thriller
|Cast: Cheran, Deepa Shah, Jayaprakash, Y. Gee Mahendran, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan |Director: Myshkin
|Producer: Kalpathi S. Agoram; |Music Director: Kay;
The story is about how Chennai city is being rocked by a series of crime ranging from abduction of girls and gruesome attacks on people whose chopped hands are found in cardboard boxes in busy areas. Unable to solve the case, the local police refers it to the crime branch.
Movie nr 9 Payanam: Thriller
|Cast: Nagarjuna, Prakashraj, Sana Khan, Bharath Reddy, Prithviraj, Manobala, Brahmanandam |Music: Pravin Mani
|Direction: Radha Mohan
The film starts off with an Indian Airlines flight IC 814 that takes off with about 75 passengers along with the crew from Chennai being hijacked by a bunch of terrorists. On an emergency call the plane lands in Tirupati airport and they demand for the release of their dreaded terrorist leader Yousuf Khan who is spending his days in jail.
Now Home Secretary Vishwanath (Prakash Raj), along with some Airport authorities and National Security advisers comes to Tirupathi to negotiate with the terrorists. When the negotiations are going on National Security Guards officer Ravi (Nagarjuna) is designated to take on the terrorists. The information will be passed to the government but the government is not interested to go with the commando operation instantly.
By finding no other way the government decides to release Yousuf Khan but on the way to the Tirupathi airport he gets killed in an accident. The really drama kicks off from here very interestingly played by the National Security Guards officer Ravi.
What would be the mental status of the passengers at the hijack would be a thrilling experience for the audience. This is an action-packed thriller.
Movie nr 10: Thaa. : love story
Cast: Sri Hari, Nisha |Director: RK SuryaSurya Prabhakar |Music: Sri Vijay
Surya (Sri Hari) is a guy who stays in a village near by Coimbatore. He is good at heart but a tough guy who spends his time with his friends and is against love. He changes his view on love in an incident and his parents start searching a bride for him.
The search ends with Jothi (Nisha) who is a family friend’s daughter. Here the love story starts between both of them and at some pout he starts doubting her for stupid causes. From here the film gives a turn whether Jothi forgives and marries him or not? On how Surya decides will turn up into a surprising climax.
Movie nr 11: Thenmerku Paruvakaatru
|Star Cast: Sethu, Vasunthara, Saranya, Ponvannan |Direction: Seenu Ramaswami |Music: N.R Rahnandan
The movie takes shape with the story of love, bonding and binding between mother and son. reliving the core cultural values of the Indian system, and rekindling the sentiments and emotions, which have almost been laid to rest, in the name of hi-fi living.
A struggling widow Veerayi (Saranya) leads a contended life with her son Murugan (Vijay Sethupathy) in a rural hamlet in Theni. Murugan, who rears sheep, is a fun-loving youth. Veerayi showers all her love and affection on him.
Meanwhile, a masked gang steals goats and attacks people in the village in nights. Murugan and his friends prevent one such attempt and catch holds of a thief and find out that it was a girl. She is identified as Pechi (Vasundhara) from a neighbouring village who steals goats for survival.
Slowly Murugan falls for her. But realises how dreadful her family is. They fear Murugan might inform to police and even makes a bid on his life. Pechi meanwhile develops a soft corner towards Murugan. Did the couple come together amidst all troubles is what the movie is about.
Movie nr 12: Sengadal: Based on a true story
Director: Leena Manimekalai Writers: Jerrold C. & Leena Manimekalai
Sengadal – the Dead Sea, a film by Leena Manimeghalai, produced by Janaki Sivakumar, is an experiment in participatory film-making which incorporates stories recounted by widows of fishermen killed by Lankan Navy, Tamil refugees from across the sea and the local fishermen who have to deal with the State police and naval authorities of both countries.
The film focuses on the period between February and May 2009, the last stages of civil conflict in Sri Lanka. Sengadal, a tamil movie based on the Sri Lankan War problems and the problems faced by the Tamils in the Indian ocean.
Enga veetu pillai: Drama- 1965
|Director: Chanakya |Cast: MGR , Saroja Devi |Music Director: Viswanathan-Ramamurthy Kappalottiya tamilan – 1961
Kappalotiya Thamizhan movie is about who founded the Swadeshi Stream Navigation Company to break the monopoly of the British